What is Cooler/Freezer Resurfacing?
Our spray on cooler and freezer wall product is an impervious, waterproof and incredibly durable. It is antimicrobial and antibacterial and will bring your walk in back up to all OSHA and Health Department codes and regulations with little to no disruption in regular business.

Where can I purchase Cooler/Freezer Wall Resurfacing?
Our product is sold nationally through only licensed distributors/installers. Contact us today!

Will my walls be waterproof?
Yes, because our product is permanently nonabsorbent.

Will my resurfaced walls be durable?
Our product has been tested and has an ASTM rating of 1835 psi. These results exceed Health Department and OSHA standard.

How do I become a trained installer for ?
Contact us today to discuss becoming an installer for DBI

Can your spray be installed over existing finishes?
Absolutely, it is intended to be installed over existing finishes. We will prep the cooler/freezer walls and shelving, and apply the new surface. It will also seal in rust and corrosion on your metal shelving, and be easier than ever to clean.

How do I clean spray walls in my cooler/freezer?
Simply- the surface is impervious so it does not absorb any grime or grease. Simply clean the walls as you would any other surface. Ideally, you should use the No Touch Cleaning System.

Why use the Total Care No Touch Cleaning System?
Our no touch cleaning system greatly reduces the cost of purchasing cleaning chemicals, and is an affordable alternative to Ecolab and other expensive commercial cleaning products and chemicals. Using no harsh chemicals are a great alternative for a more "green" and environmentally friendly commercial environment.

Where can I purchase Total Care Cleaning Machines?
Our product is sold nationally through D. Brock Industries. We have the best warranty and service program in the business. Contact us today for information and a quote.

Will my business meet OSHA and Health Department standards using a Total Care Cleaning Machine?
Yes, it is USDA approved- contaminant and germ counts are greatly reduced when compared to traditional sanitizer and bleach based cleaning.

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