Cooler Shelf/Wall Interior Resurfacing: Permanent cooler wall spray on resurfacing
  • Our State of the Art Cooler Wall Spray coating will retrofit and refurbish your aged cooler and extend its life as much as 10 years.
  • Meets or exceeds all Health Department and Health Inspection Regulations
  • No trim strips between wall panels, better than standard fiberglass panels as it gives a continuous smooth surface
  • ASTM rated 1300 psi for durability
  • Antimicrobial, impervious to moisture/waterproof, antibacterial
  • Seals in rust and corrosion on cooler shelves
  • We can also spray your kitchen walls and eliminate FRP
Total Care No Touch Restroom and Kitchen Cleaning System
  • Our no touch cleaning system greatly reduces the cost of purchasing cleaning chemicals, and is an affordable alternative to Ecolab and other expensive commercial cleaning products and chemicals.
  • Fewer harsh chemicals are a great alternative for a more "green" and environmentally friendly commercial environment.
  • USDA approved- contaminant and germ counts are greatly reduced when compared to traditional sanitizer and bleach based cleaning.
  • The perfect cleaning method for the BMI Titan Safety Flooring System

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